What sport did you love most as a kid? Whether you still play or watch kids of your own at their soccer games, chances are a mouth guard is required. From NBA players to MMA fighters, just about every major sport requires a mouth guard—and for good reason! But not all mouth guards are created equally. Explore the differences between the major types of mouth guards and get a custom mouth guard in Holly Ridge, NC from White Dental.

What Do You Need In A Mouth Guard?

While every mouth guard is designed to protect the teeth from impact, not all of them provide the same level of protection. If your guard is ill-fitting, it won’t be as effective as one that is fully customized to your mouth. Here are some of the traits that you’ll want for a highly-effective guard:

  • Wearer is able to speak clearly
  • Resistant to tears and odors
  • Doesn’t move around during activity
  • All parts of the mouth guard clean easily
  • Comfortable for the wearer
  • Fits tightly

Types Of Mouth Guards

When it comes to types of mouth guards, you can expect to get what you pay for. Check out the three main types, along with their strengths and how they work:


Stock mouth guards are widely available and inexpensive, but they definitely don’t provide the optimal fit or protection. You can purchase them at most drug or sporting goods stores. But, since they’re designed to fit everyone, they offer a perfect fit for no one. This means it’s kind of bulky and you’ll have to continue biting to keep it in place.


Boil and bite mouth guards allow some improvement over the stock version. To get them to fit the specific dimensions of your mouth, the wearer simply boils the mouth guard, lets it cool, and bites down on it for 30-60 seconds. A major advantage is that they can be re-fitted if necessary, but the protection they offer is not as great compared to a custom mouth guard.


Designed by a dentist to match the dimensions of your mouth, custom mouth guards offer the best available protection and durability compared to the other options. One reason customized mouth guards are superior is because of their high standard of design. They’re made to cover every single one of your teeth, leaving no weaknesses. Plus, the fact that they match the unique characteristics of your mouth gives custom-fitted mouth guards an unparalleled level of comfort.

Get Your Custom Mouth Guard From White Dental

For some products, the cheapest version is great. But why take that chance on a product that’s designed to protect your smile? Ensure that you or your loved ones are keeping your teeth safe with a mouth guard that fits tightly and provides the protection your teeth deserve. Dr. White and his team can design a mouth guard that is perfect for you in Holly Ridge, NC.

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