Did you know that kids should visit the dentist by their first birthday? This may come as a surprise to some parents. Even though they don’t have all of their teeth, sugar can still accumulate on your child’s gums, leading to cavities for erupting teeth. Learn more about your child’s oral health and the services we offer to help at White Dental, your local pediatric dentist office in Holly Ridge, NC.

Bringing Your Toddler To The Dentist – What To Expect

When your child arrives for their first dental appointment, they’ll get acquainted with our hygienist, doctor, and the dental office environment. Your child will get the experience of sitting in the dentist chair and having their mouth examined. Very likely, they’ll receive a gentle cleaning and will be examined to ensure that their teeth are erupting naturally and evenly. By the end of your child’s appointment, you will have a strong understanding of how your child’s teeth are progressing.

Pediatric Dentistry – Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy

Pediatric dentistry is recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association (ADA) and involves key differences that set it apart. For example, pediatric dentists must be aware of how a child’s teeth are erupting and the condition of both baby teeth as well as permanent teeth. Patients who are introduced to dental treatment early in life through a pediatric dentist office are much more likely to keep their smiles strong and healthy as they grow up!


Aside from the superior cleaning potential that dentists provide, there are vital reasons to bring your child to the dentist for regular biannual appointments:

Early Detection Of Dental Problems. Did you know that 19.5% of kids ages 2-5 have cavities? When you bring them to the dentist, their gums and teeth are carefully inspected for bacteria and plaque that lead to cavities. By detecting these signs early, we can take action and ensure that your child’s teeth are protected. This helps them to remain healthy while helping to prevent more costly damage over time.

Oral Cancer Screenings. Every dental visit includes a thorough inspection for oral cancer. Although fairly rare in children, oral cancer will affect an estimated 10,000 people this year. Early detection provides the best chance of survival. Dr. White knows exactly what to look for when screening for this perilous disease.

Valuable Education For Children & Parents. If parents aren’t informed of the best dental practices for their children, it could lead to serious problems later in their life. For example, kids that grow up without a habit of flossing and brushing twice per day are exponentially more likely to develop cavities and gingivitis as they grow older. When you bring your child to White Dental, be sure to ask any questions you have about caring for their smile at home.

Our Holly Ridge Dental Team Is Here To Help

If you haven’t brought your child to the dentist yet, there’s no better time to start. At our pediatric dentist office in Holly Ridge, NC, we’ll examine their gums and teeth, ensuring that there are no unwanted conditions developing. We practice gentle dentistry and always make sure children are comfortable before beginning any work. Make an appointment at White Dental today!