Experts recommend that anyone who spends over $1500 per year on dental services should invest in dental insurance—but we know that not everyone has access to the providers they need. Furthermore, dental insurance rarely covers the entire cost and doesn’t always cover procedures like dental implants. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist due to a lack of insurance, know that there are affordable options available. White Dental offers three in-office plans that make it easier to get dental care for those without insurance.

Introducing The White Dental Membership Club

At White Dental, we take pride in making life easier for patients whenever possible. It’s in that sentiment that we created the White Dental Membership Club, a set of three affordable dental care plans that makes it easy to get dental care for those without insurance. Your oral health is too important to be limited by your insurance plan. Check out our three payment plans to find the option that best meets the needs of your family:


Serving patients over 13 years of age, our Adult Membership Plan provides a variety of benefits for just $25 per month. Among the services you receive with this plan are two doctor exams within a year, any X-rays you need, and a 15% discount on other dental treatments. If you’ve been putting off dental treatments, consider our Adult Plan and give your smile the care it deserves.


The Perio Plan is ideal for patients who struggle with gum disease. In addition to neglect, there are many other causes for gum disease, including genetics, other diseases and certain medications. If you suffer from gum disease for any reason, you can reduce the cost of your periodontal treatments significantly with the Perio Membership at White Dental. For $45 per month you receive four perio treatments and other dental benefits, including exams, X-rays and 15% off all other treatments.


It’s important for children to keep up with their biannual dental appointments and to maintain consistent dental care. With our Child Membership, your kids can receive essential dental services including cleanings, exams, X-rays and more for just $20 per month. Dental exams are important for catching problems in their earliest stages, so consider the Child Membership for financing your children’s dental care without insurance.

Other Payment Options

Aside from insurance, there are also payment methods that make it easier to afford the dental services you need. For example, CareCredit is frequently used to help make cosmetic procedures like dental implants payable in month-to-month installments.

White Dental’s Membership Plan Is An Investment In Your Smile

If you don’t have dental insurance, you’re not alone. About a quarter of the American population lacks dental insurance. Fortunately, there are other ways to get the care that your smile deserves. If you live near Holly Ridge, NC, the team at White Dental offers three payment options as part of our membership club.