Missing Teeth?

We Can Help Design Your New Smile

If you’ve lost a tooth due to gum disease, trauma or extensive tooth decay, bone grafting can help maintain bone structure. Bone is a very predictable tissue to treat and grafting has a high success rate. In most cases, the bone graft is easy to place.

Bone Grafting Treatment Advantages:

  • It can help strengthen the bone structure after removing a tooth.
  • It helps the dentist prepare the bone to receive an implant.
  • It keeps the bone structure as close as possible to its original shape, which is vital to ensure a precise fit when replacing a tooth with an implant.
  • It has cosmetic benefits --- bone support is vital to skin and muscles. Without this support, it can make you look older.

Could you benefit from a bone graft?

Contact us for an appointment to learn how a bone graft can help if you have missing teeth. Financing and insurance options are available.